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Properties & Projects:
Properties & Projects

Desert Mountain Energy Corp.
Exploration and development of Helium and Oil & Gas properties in the U.S. Southwest.

Helium - Northwestern Arizona
Heliopolis Project - 36,702 acres of key Helium prospects under lease in Holbrook Basin in East Central Arizona, with additional leases pending. Among the highest He grades in world produced there ranging from 8% to 10%. World’s best address for Helium: “The Saudi Arabia of Helium”. Helium is now the “High Tech Rare Gas”. Heliopolis - Holbrook Basin Helium Project (Northeastern Arizona)

Oil & Gas - Seminole County, Oklahoma
The Kight Gilcrease Sand Unit is an oil field in Seminole County, Oklahoma with strong potential for secondary water-flood production and new primary production. Comprises approximately 883.7 acres, with 7 wells on site, one currently operational. Historic recorded production from the KGSU 1,690,240 BO. Kight Gilcrease Sand Unit Oil and Gas Project (Seminole County Oklahoma)


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