METAL NEWS: Don Mosher, President and Director, Desert Mountain Energy (TSX.V: DME, U.S. OTC: DMEHF, Frankfurt: QM01) Discusses Building their Holbrook Basin Helium Project, Arizona, into a Vertically Integrated Helium Producer

We spoke with Don Mosher, President and Director of Desert Mountain Energy (TSX.V: DME, U.S. OTC: DMEHF, Frankfurt: QM01). Desert Mountain Energy is building their Holbrook Basin Helium Project, in Arizona, into a vertically integrated Helium producer, with their own solar facility, to produce their own electricity, and with plans to sell directly to end users, primarily in Arizona. They have now successfully drilled four wells, and announced the discovery of McCauley Field, with commercial grade helium, in discovery well #4. The Company is looking to move forward, through the development stage and into production and positive cash flow, by second quarter of 2022.

HYDROGEN FUEL NEWS: Desert Mountain Energy steps into compressed air and hydrogen storage consulting

Through the new deal the company will expand into compressed air and hydrogen storage consulting for geologic, drilling, land, well planning. It will specifically focus on the development of bedded and salt cavern energy storage in the Southwest and Arizona.

STOCKHOUSE: This Company Just Grew Its Resource Base Looking for Arizona’s Hottest Resource

In this exclusive video podcast, Stockhouse Media’s Dave Jackson was joined by company President Don Mosher to get company shareholders and investors completely up-to-date with all things Desert Mountain Energy Corp.

Ellis Martin Report:Desert Mountain Energy-Positive Results at Drill Hole #4

Join Ellis Martin for a conversation with Robert Rohlfing, the CEO of Desert Mountain Energy Corp. (TSX-V:DME/OTC:DMEHF). Desert Mountain Energy is a forward-looking resource company actively engaged in the exploration and development of Helium and Rare Earth Gas properties in the U.S. Southwest, with its executive offices in Vancouver, Canada.

JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY: Rarefied Air: Drilling for Helium in North America

“Helium is one of the most abundant gases in the universe. It is used in advanced medical technologies such as MRIs, and in cryogenics, aerospace applications, and microchip manufacturing. It is also used to fill party balloons. It’s essential, expensive, and supplies are running low.” TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE, CLICK HERE.

Desert Mountain Energy Corp – Well #4

Super Charged Stocks: In Conversation with Robert Rohlfing, CEO and Executive Chairman of Desert Mountain Energy. TSXV:DME

Desert Mountain Energy Corps. CEO and Executive Chairman, Robert Rohlfing, sits down with Andrew O’Donnell to discuss the latest news and developments, including, the delay on well #4, why diversity is important when it comes to building the company’s team and where the company is heading.

Ellis Martin Report: Desert Mountain Energy Corp. (CVE:DME) Encounters Significant Helium in its Fourth Wildcat Well

Mr. Rohlfing provides us with an overview of the company and an update on the Holbrook Helium Project as the company announces that it has encountered significant showings of helium across four formations in its fourth wildcat well. We discuss the fundamentals of the helium market and why it’s an interesting potential investment opportunity.

BTV Stock Picks in Avatars, Helium, Gold and Palladium

From helping to launch rockets to driving antibiotics deep into the lungs of COVID patients, helium has many uses. This company is geared up to meet the growing demand. The Holbrook Basin Project comprises of over 85,000 acres of key Helium prospects under lease.

VIDEO: Holbrook Basin Project – Well #4

The Holbrook Basin Project comprises +85,000 acres of key Helium prospects under lease. Located in the prolific Holbrook Basin in East-Central Arizona, widely considered to be the world’s best address for Helium. Two of the world’s richest historic producing helium gas fields, the Pinta Dome and Navajo Springs, are situated in this region. Historic production of 9.23 Billion Cubic Feet (Bcf) with exceptionally high grades of helium gas produced, ranging from 8%-10%, versus the industry benchmark of 0.3% to 1% for commercial grade.

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STOCKHOUSE: A Looming Shortage Created High Value for this Essential Resource

Ellis Martin Report: Ellis Martin Interviews Robert Rohlfing of Desert Mountain Energy (TSX-V:DME)

STOCKHOUSE: A Looming Shortage Created High Value for this Essential Resource

“When Stockhouse most recently covered Desert Mountain Energy Corp. (TSX-V: DMEOTCQX: DMEHFForumearlier this month, we looked at this Company’s work to extract and process one of the top resource investments around – helium. The second most abundant and second lightest element in the known universe.

One of the last, and possibly most significant sources of helium is Northeastern Arizona’s Holbrook Basin. In our previous editorial on DME, we highlighted a recent report on the subject titled “Feasibility of New Helium Well Development in the Holbrook Basin, Arizona” published in May 2021 by Colorado School of Mines Graduate Geologist Jacob Smith, which assessed the economic feasibility of development of helium resources in the Holbrook Basin and the potential for further exploration in the area.” FOR THE FULL ARTICLE, CLICK HERE.

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