Where Helium Is Heading & Turning Desert Mountain Energy Into An Energy Company

In this interview, Andrew O’Donnell is joined by Robert Rohlfing the CEO & Chairman of Desert Mountain Energy. The key topics they discuss are:

• Helium sector
• Outsourcing excess energy
• Closes $9,125,000 Private Placement

Desert Mountain Energy (DME.V) wanted some money, the markets went all ‘No, take more! Take it all!’

“Not so long ago, one of our sales guys called Desert Mountain Energy (DME.V) and said, ‘yo desert bros, we like helium, you got helium, let’s work together.’

DME politely face-palmed. ‘We don’t really have a lot of money,’ they said. ‘We’re transitioning.’

Then their stock ran from $0.70 to $1.70.

Now they’ve got dollars…. READ MORE

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Tapping into “Potentially the World’s Best Helium Resource”

WATCH: Interview with DME President, Robert Rohlfing

Desert Mountain Energy CEO, Robert Rohlfing sat down with Stockhouse to discuss its new helium properties in Arizona, the importance of helium and the value and opportunity helium mining offers versus traditional mining.

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